Peasant families getting out of malnutrition

Families are getting out of malnutrition because of their involvement in agricultural cooperatives for farmers and their wives.

Since FH has been working to reinforce capacity of farming groups, more than 150 groups, spread through 5 African and Asian countries, have been helped and supported. This represents around 10,000 people.

Tangible reductions in malnutrition were achieved. Thus, in Burundi, in an area where food insecurity was rife, an evaluation done in 2011 showed that after a few years, the number of meals consumed daily had increased. Today, about 88% of the families benefit from 2 to 3 meals a day, whereas a large majority only had one meal beforehand, if any at all.

Within the groups supported by FH, improvements were also visible in the areas of agricultural productivity and the environment. Yields have improved in crops, sometimes by 50% and sometimes by even more than 100% in some cases. Also, due to improvements in the quality of the crops, sale prices have also gone up.


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