Democratic Republic of Congo

The DRC stands out amongst other African countries by its diverse ecosystems and its many natural resources. It is still suffering from the after affects of long years of conflict which it has endured.

FH's programmes started up in DRC with the return of refugees in 1994. It is principally involved in three areas:

Fight against food insecurity
FH Switzerland supports local associations by giving them training to improve their agricultural skills and multiply their seeds. They make new seeds available (cassava plants that resist mosaic disease, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc.). Making good agricultural practices commonplace is also relevant for market gardeners. FH's work helps bring people from poverty to sustainable development. Training is also given in areas of livestock farming and animal husbandry. An improved breed of goats has been made available to the most vulnerable households. Today we can see a marked improvement in the nutrition levels of the families with which FH is working.

Income generating activities
FH works closely with farm groups. It gives training sessions on how to manage supplies and basic book keeping. These sessions are tailored to each type of chosen activity. FH brings financial support to help start-up small businesses that generate income.

Health and hygiene
FH invests in new water sources so that communities can have safe drinking water. FH is committed to rebuilding or building new latrines. Works around hygiene and clean water are done in public areas like markets and schools. On one of these projects, a solar powered filtration was installed – the first in Africa!

DR Congo

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