Reviving through rabbit breeding and sewing

Since 2018, FH Switzerland has been helping the women of Kavumu who are victims of sexual violence and their families. In partnership with the local association PPEKA*, income-generating activities have been set up to enable these women to reintegrate into their community and see hope, despite the tragedy and trauma.

**Latest updates** Following the Covid-19 epidemic, the sewing workshop is being used to make masks for the local population. But the women need more sewing machines and equipment to provide more masks. 

The first activity was raising rabbits, with the construction of a rabbit hutch and training in rabbit farming. 
The 65 households involved in the project each received 4 rabbits to start raising rabbits. The breeding gives good results and the women are very satisfied as Alice**, a 49 year old beneficiary, tells:
"I received 4 rabbits in August, 3 females and a male. There are 11 of us in the family and everyone felt blessed by this breeding. Everyone has learned how to care for the rabbits and we have set up a hutch for them in a room. They multiplied very quickly and in January there were already 27 of them. Not having enough space I sold 10 rabbits which brought me 50 dollars and I took care of my child. I have manure for my vegetable garden and vegetables all the time. I am now reassured. I now have 16 rabbits in my hutch and every 2 months I sell them to get money to support my family. With my rabbits, I know today that a new day has
dawned in my life and my familly"

20 women also wanted to be trained in sewing. They are learning sewing and basketry through the supervision of PPEKA. The beneficiaries are very happy about this opportunity, even if they only have 2 sewing machines and lack equipment.

Your donation allows us to support these women on their path to reintegration. A big thank you for your solidarity!

Please mention the project number P 330 (SOS Kavumu Project) on your payment.

*Parents Crying Together Kabare
** alias 


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