Child and family development in Kirwa

This project allows for children in the Kirwa community in the Muhanga district of Rwanda to attend school, get health care and have some assurance of food security.


The Kirwa area is a particularly vulnerable one. When you visit this region you often find sick people and malnourished children, as well as a lack of any development plans. Families survive on subsistence agriculture, growing cassava, beans, sweet potatoes and bananas. However, lack of fertiliser means that the crops are often insufficient to meet their food needs and to get out of poverty.

General Goals

  • Families are regularly visited by FH staff
  • The team from FH helps local community leaders to take decisions which move forward the development in the areas of health, economy and the infrastructure of the local village. FH helps the leaders to get in contact with government officials or other organisations when this is necessary.
  • 250 vulnerable families are involved in this programme which affects teachers, pastors and other community leaders.
  • Support from FH and the local leaders stresses the need to look after children.
How does this project integrate with other FH activities in the area?

  • The Kirwa project is an integral part of another project in the area which supports farmers in their efforts to improve production and their work as associations or cooperatives. Families are encouraged to start other activities that could increase income or have access to micro-credits.
  • The training which is given allows families to increase their capacity and their ability to assume their own developmental progress.
Policy of collaboration on a local level

We work in close collaboration with local authorities and churches in the Muhanga district. We also try to work with other organisations from the district to develop this programme for children and families.
Project number: P820
Number of beneficiaries: 61 families supported by FH Switzerland (250 families in all in the programme).
Support foreseen in 2014: CHF 19,000.-


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Dan Ngerageze is one of the inhabitants of Kirwa, Rwanda.