To allow children and families to develop their potential

FH projects aim at schooling all the children in a given district. FH helps vulnerable families in a global way so that they are able to improve in the areas of education, food, health and agriculture.
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FH Switzerland promotes educational in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Cambodia and Guatemala.
Projects have the following aims:
  • School all the children in a community
  • Help with school materials (blackboards, books, pencils, uniforms, etc .)
  • Support classes for children with learning difficulties
  • Support cultural and sports activities
  • Improve diet : placing canteens, supervising children's nutrition, agricultural training for parents
  • Access to health: children are treated free of charge, training in illness prevention is to the whole family
  • Improving the school infrastructure (building classrooms, latrines etc)
  • Training in the following areas: agriculture, hygiene, nutrition and health, illness prevention, creating a cooperative etc)
  • Families are regularly visited at home by FH staff. This follow up means that difficulties encountered by different households can be addressed accordingly and answers found together.

For example, animals (goats and cows) can be provided to a family. Milk improves children's diet, manure improves the crops.  When the animals give birth, the kid or calf is given to another family in need in the community, which creates a chain of solidarity.

Sometimes families living in particular squalor are helped with building a new house.

FH works with its partners (teachers, local authorities, churches) who co-lead many FH projects designed to improve child development in an area. It is a temporary help: when the goals have been achieved, after about 10 years, FH leaves the area.


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