FH Switzerland

Food security for everyone.

FH Switzerland is a Christian association, founded in 1996, and based in Geneva. FH Switzerland is part of the network of Food for the Hungry organisation and is a member of the Geneva Federation for Cooperation (FGC).

Our mission
To fight against hunger and poverty together with communities, leaders and families.

Our vision
Our vision is based on the development of the whole community. The goals are therefore to insure food security for everyone, to improve the daily lives of the families in the community – with to the active participation of all – and to develop their individual and collective capacity.

Our values

  • We offer assistance or services to all, without distinction based on gender, origin or religion.
  • We promote team work and respect our partners and their needs.
  • We hold as of primary importance integrity and transparency in our dealings with our project partners, our donors and our staff.

Our programs
To treat the problem of hunger and poverty at the root, our programs need to focus on the following domains : agriculture, education, health, income generating revenues, reinforcement of civil organisations

All committee members and employees of FH Switzerland have evaluated their other related activities and no links or affiliations of a personal or professional nature that could lead to a conflict of interest have been identified.

Links of interest of committee members

Patrick Fuchsloch, Chairman

ETS Architect, former Executive Assistant to the Department Head of social cohesion and solidarity of the City of Geneva.
Register of interests :  No interests related to the work and goals of FH Switzerland
Edmond Granges, Vice-Chairman
Independent, retired UBS, former financial and investment advisor for pension funds in French-speaking Switzerland
Register of interests : Volunteer work in management and development
Sharon Bentzen, Member
Special education teacher at the International School of Geneva
Register of interests : Facilitator of a "Youth For Christ Bogis-Bossey Teens" group of local and international students. Facilitation of an international women's group (23 countries)