Food security for everyone, in particular for those in rural areas.

FH works with groups of farmers to help them achieve food security. This means being able to feed oneself adequately, being able to access food of sufficient quality in sufficient amount – in other words knowing for sure that a meal will be available during any one day. FH’s partners are farming groups that are particularly vulnerable to food insecurity.
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The agricultural projects* of FH are centred on the development of skills in the areas of productivity and marketing, as well as the management of the environments of farming groups. They also favour food independence amongst the rural communities affected.
More specifically, the agricultural projects will, in general*, reflect the following goals:

  • Allow farmers to have access to quality seeds (non-GMC) which they can multiply.
  • Favour agro-forestry: plant trees that fertilise the soil. Restore fertility to fields by using organic fertilisers (manure, compost).
  • Reduce erosion: by building radical or progressive terraces.
  • Develop small livestock farming which also allows spreading manure on crops.
  • Build storage infrastructures that guard against theft as well as against insects and other pests.
  • Favour the transformation of agricultural produce and its marketing.
  • Reinforce the capacity of farming groups in the following areas: bookkeeping, organisation, planning and farming techniques.
  • Favour access to credit by building links between the producers and local micro-finance institutes, sometimes by providing a guarantee funds.
*Projects are prepared in a participatory manner by the local groups end FH staff. Projects will have common characteristics but will differ in detail one from another, as they are adapted to the local context which is determined by things such as the sloping of the land or the level of organisation of the group, etc.


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To strengthen the agricultural associations and the cooperatives in Rwanda

The objective of this project is to reduce poverty in 3 districts ...


I'm confident that my agricultural produce will increase

Dan Ngerageze is one of the inhabitants of Kirwa, Rwanda.